As you know, Orange County (as well as the entire State of California) is continuing to experience Covid-19 cases. Public Health officials warn that positivity rates at 5% (and above) are concerning and represent a high prevalence of the virus in the general public. We have initiated a surveillance testing protocol to test 10% of our associates every two weeks, or, 100% of our associates (and all residents) if we identify positive cases. While we are certainly living in a different world, our community is thriving together. We have instituted safety protocols to keep our family safe to include twice a day temperature checks, frequent hand washing, social distancing at all times – even during events, meals and the like, wearing a mask at all times when out in the common areas. Families are able to visit at “The Love Hut” an outdoor, relaxed location for distanced visiting. I welcome your questions at any time.

Thank you for your continued support for all that we are doing. Your appreciation of our staff is so appreciated. We will continue to work to stay safe together, because we are BEST TOGETHER.

Jo Dee Gibson, Executive Director