Finding the Right Fit

You are not Alone!

Our skilled and friendly staff are happy to guide you through the process, and will aid you in any way to make you feel comfortable in the new environment. Making the decision to live in a new home is not easy.  We will help you have the conversations that you need, in order to address unresolved emotions as help encourage you through each step. We are here, and will be for the entire process.

We Care about You

We know that it takes some time to adjust to a new environment, and our team ensures that you are provided with the environment that does not make you feel out of place. The friendly people and staff at Senior Living Community will welcome you with open arms and friendly smiles.

Requirements of Senior Applicants

The Do’s:
The senior applicants should be:

  • 65 years or older
  • Able to administer their medication themselves if they require medication via subcutaneous method (e.g., administering insulin for diabetes)
  • Ambulatory, i.e., they are able to walk on their own (a cane or walker is acceptable) and are able to take care of themselves

The Dont’s:
The senior applicants should NOT be:

  • Diagnosed with Dementia, since we do not have the license to take care of seniors diagnosed with Dementia