Simon Dias – Interim Executive Director

Simon’s 44 years of experience in the Facilities Services/Plant Operations business is nothing short of wonder. In the Facilities Services at Fontana and Ontario, he managed 42 licensed Plant Engineers and a workforce of 15 painters, carpenters, and laborers.

He successfully managed a staff of 250 employees for 6 years. He also supervised the Security Department, comprised of 60 officers. He also played an instrumental part in the design and construction of New Fontana hospital, two hospitals at Ontario, and several other Medical Offices buildings. His wealth of knowledge and backgrounds makes him a critical partner to the success of the Home.

Brandi McGinnis – Business Manager

Brandi is the ninja who makes sure that the residents receive a carefree life at SLC, have the freedom to pursue their hobbies, and that all their queries and issues are addressed properly.

A mother of two, Brandi’s compassion and commitment, and her skills in customer service, accounting, and event and travel coordination are the qualities that make her invaluable to the community.

Katie Wilson – Director of Activities

Katie is a state-certified RCFE Activity Leader. Fueled with the raw passion of a person who genuinely loves to indulge in creative activities, she brings to the table a broad range of outings and activities for senior residents.

With a professional background in senior care, non-profit work and education, and a personal interest in gardening, music, art and graphic design, she is equipped with the best qualities for a Director of Activities.

Lily Roman – Director of Wellness Department

Lily Roman is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, and a beekeeper, in that order. She has a valuable experience of working in mental health and assisted living.

If you are looking for a personalized level of care, or the right way to set up your very own bee yard, our very own Director of Wellness Department would be happy to help you!

Deborah Wilde – Director of Culinary Services

Deborah joined SLC in 2014, and before that, she had been the Food Operations Manager at Beverly Hospital in Montebello. She has a certificate of Hospitality Management, which she earned from the Scranton College of Hospitality.

As if that wasn’t enough, she is Serve Safe Certified, and is currently in the process of obtaining a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) certificate. Whew! No wonder why the food at the community is so scrumptious, and nutritious to boot!