Move in Check List

Application Process

There are 3 (three) parts to our application: Part A, Part B, and Part C. Each part must be reviewed and accepted to continue through the process. If any part of the application is not accepted, the process will stop. If the reason for the rejection cannot be remedied the application will be void.

A tour of the home is required and can take place at any time during the process. However, it is preferred that the interested party (family and friends) do so before the interested party begins the application.

Part A: Initial information.
This includes a Physician’s Report to be filled out by your physician, as well as a TB test. A negative TB test, or a negative chest x-ray result is required

Part B: Financial information and history.
Copies of financial documentation such as tax returns, stocks/bonds, bank statements, insurance information etc. A credit report, with the applicant’s permission, will be run at receipt of Part B.

Part C: Personal and Family history, as well as recent medical history.

Finally, the Board of Trustees meets once a month, typically on a Saturday, but the date itself varies. The fully executed application will be presented to the Board at that meeting.

Their decision will be communicated to the applicant on the first business day following their meeting.

The application process can take time, and the Board of Trustees meets once a month.