Resident and Family Perspectives

The first thought that comes to mind is “Peace of Mind”. This is what we all want, especially when it comes to our parents and what is best for them as they age.

The minute you walk into the Senior Living Community you can sense the warmth and friendliness. When visiting the SLC, my friends and relatives have remarked on the welcoming feeling that greeted them when they entered the building.

The building is open and full of light. It has many interesting touches, including the delightful ice cream parlor. I always tease my mother when she wonders, when leaving her room, which way to go to a specific place, reminding her that it doesn’t really matter because the hallways go in a large circle so you really can’t get lost. There is also a lovely center courtyard and a fenced yard with swings at the back of the facility.

My mother lived in two other places before moving to the SLC.  At the time the prior facility closed, I considered bringing my mother to live with me. However, I was well aware that my schedule would not permit me to be with her all of the time and she would not have much interesting activity to occupy her. I know that being involved in activities is important to keeping a healthy attitude and a positive outlook. The SLC Life Enrichment Staff is very creative and constantly on the lookout for challenging and fun ways to keep residents engaged. The residents also benefit from active community groups who regularly bring young people and adults to put on programs for the residents.

My mother is a lifetime member of the Eastern Star and, therefore, she qualified for admission in September of 2013. I am pleased to know that the SLC is now open to all, whether they are members of Eastern Star or not.   Had that been the case in 2003, I could have moved all of my relatives into this facility. One of my aunts was a member of Eastern Star but my other aunt was not and they wanted to be together. Now with the open admission process, relatives and friends who want to stay together can all apply.

My mother is still very active but she is also a cancer survivor and what saved her life was an operation – a colostomy. She has now survived 12 years since her diagnosis of Stage 4 colon and colorectal cancer. As she aged, it was more challenging for her to manage her ostomy care, especially changing the pouch on a regular basis. She does not qualify for a skilled nursing facility since she is still quite healthy, but she needs help. I am so grateful that the SLC was open to having the caregivers receive training so that they can assist my mother. And many of the caregivers were happy to have another skill to add to their resumes. My mother is the first resident with this particular need.


March 29, 2021

Jo Dee Gibson, Executive Director
Senior Living Community
Founded by Eastern Star

On behalf of my entire family I wish to thank you and all your staff for their continued compassionate care you gave to my mom and continue to give to all residents.

Your staff remained vigilant last year during Covid and miraculously kept your facility Covid Free.

They created indoor activities to keep everyone active and positive.

My mom leaves behind her daughters, her  7 grandkids and 10 great grand kids.

Her twenty years there allowed her to make many friends and dozens of fun memories.

I was always confident in her care as I was an absent daughter who traveled a lot overseas for  years.

The SLC handles everything with grace and care and anyone thinking of allowing a loved one to move  here please rest assured they will be well taken care of .

To all of the staff, the receptionist, Activities, the hairdresser, all the kitchen staff, Cindy A and of course everyone in the Wellness center I say thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Thanks for taking such great care of “Princess Marty”

September 1, 2020

Jo Dee Gibson, Executive Director
Senior Living Community
Founded by Eastern Star

Dear Jo Dee & Staff:

The purpose of this letter is to share with you and your staff how very pleased and thankful my sister, Roberta Rikli, and I are that we found this Senior Living Facility for our brother Stan Rikli. We had the need to relocate our brother from Northern California two years ago and in our attempt to locate a facility we were so fortunate to have found this facility founded by Eastern Star.

The entire staff made the process of getting acquainted, learning the facility, and the admittance procedure not only comfortable but enjoyable. Our brother Stan, has been so amazed at the concern, the care, and the comfort he has felt since the first day upon moving into Eastern Star.

Roberta and I are so impressed with the warmth and welcome we feel each time we visit our brother. The facility is not only decorated beautifully but kept professionally clean at all times.

Stan and we appreciate how Eastern Star decorates for each and every season, occasion, and holiday creating a festive and fun environment for residents, employees, and visitors!

Roberta and I have enjoyed sharing meals with Stan and can’t speak enough about the menu selection and how delicious and healthy the food is. This is far and above the normal dining room experience.

In addition to this wonderful facility and all of its amenities; we are overjoyed that Stan has met so many friends to dine and socialize with. This was of utmost importance when the unfortunate event of COVID 19 hit us all in March 2020.  This brings us to the most important reason of our appreciation of this facility. In the wake of COVID 19 you have not only kept the families thoroughly informed at all times, but have kept the residents and staff safe by immediately implementing all cautions and abiding by all safety measures from day one and we cannot thank you enough for your unparalleled efforts to keep our family member(s) safe and with such success!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for our brother Stan and all residents, many of whom we have met.

Our Best Regards,

Debi Rikli & Roberta Rikli (sisters of Stan Rikli)